So it seems like the big mighty blogosphere caught up on me, I’m “blogging” now!

But what does a dude like me have to tell that would be interesting to the rest of the world…?

Actually, nothing worldshaking will take place here but since I caught myself packing most of my FlickR-uploads with a small blog-like story in the description, I decided to give the story-teller inside me a new playground and start a dedicated personal blog. Also this way my FlickR-contacts will be more or less spared from some of the text-soups I issued on my uploads.

I’m into photography (you already guessed that, didn’t you?) and I’m a (confessing) FlickR-user, so most of my posts will be aligned with some new uploads over there. Since FlickR really is a great platform for sharing photos and making/keeping some international photo-related contacts as well as offering unlimited storage (with a PRO-account) even for large files, I will try to run this blog in a “hybrid” mode with direct linking to the corresponding FlickR-photos instead of uploading them here twice. Mark Ivkovic aka bang|Photography does this in a very smart way and I’d like to say “thank you” for the inspiration (and the great photos as well)!

OK, It’s late here and I think I filled the initial post with an adequate amount of characters. Looking forward to a great time blogging and discussing here and will invest a little more time in setting the page up correctly within the next week…

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