Reportage: Emergency Room Waldbröl

Great weather on this long weekend, so why not visit mom? Yesterday we left Frankfurt/Main to spend a nice, sunny day with her at the countryside.

Perfect opportunity for me because I bought some rolls of Ilford PAN F Plus 50 last week and was looking forward to shoot the ZUIKO 24mm/F2.0 on my Olympus OM-4 Ti wide open.

I loaded up the first roll into the camera and gave the digital PEN E-P2 to my wife before we went out for a walk. Unfortunately I didn’t get towards frame #15 until something bad happened…

My mother was capering around with the young labrador retriever “Paul” when she suddenly stumbled and fell down a scarp badly. Her ankle joint was broken twice and she wasn’t able to stand up or move in any way -> a tricky situation because we already walked near 1 kilometer through the forest and were in the middle of nowhere. So I decided to go back and pick her up with a car that was able to get through that terrain (which my BMW definitely isn’t)!

Finally we managed to get her out of there and took her to the next hospital, the “Kreiskrankenhaus Waldbröl”, where she got treated immediately.

Since I left the OM-4 at mom’s house (ISO 50 would’ve been useless indoors), I grabbed the PEN from Dani to shoot this involuntary excursion. I ♥ reportages:

Dani and my mother, waiting for the doctor

afraid of a possible surgery


they had a quite impressive studio-like lighting solution there


affixed leg, ready for transportation to Gummersbach hospital

mom’s ride

In the end, the surgery took 2 hours and so my mothers painful day ended at 23:50h in a hospital bed in Gummersbach…

Get well soon mom!

4 Comments on “Reportage: Emergency Room Waldbröl

  1. Hey Dude,

    nice reportage. I like your blog. All the best to your mom.

    Greetings from Kassel! XD

  2. Hello to all!!

    It`s me, mom!! 🙂

    Now I`m at home and I feel much more better, I think further 6 weeks, my
    leg will be the old one!!!

    Thank`s for the good wishes!

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