Wide, Wider, Super Wide-Heliar

When I started into photography back in 2010, I had a cheap (kit-)zoom lens with an equiv. 28-84mm zoom range on my camera. I zoomed the crap out of the small M.ZUIKO 14-42mm/F3.5-5.6 and noticed that I rarely used the “short end” of it. When I switched to prime lenses, my results were best with the 40 & 50mm, but I didn’t even get that classic “35mm-reportage-wide-angle-thing” at all. So I thought I might just not be that typical wide-angle guy.

However in february ’11 I was brave enough to buy a ZUIKO 24mm/F2.0 and forced myself to use it as the only lens for about one week – with great success so far! I fell in love with the wider field of view and the extreme perspectives you can achieve with those lenses in given situations.

So when my friend Enrico offered me to have some wide-angle-fun with his Voigtländer Super Wide-Heliar 15mm/F4.5 ASPH, I grabbed the opportunity…

But you need a matching subject to pull of the best effect of 15mm (FF) focal length. Combined with a fast film, this lens is perfect for small rooms and tight places. I’ve been to such a place before to shoot the X(-pro)periments and so I decided to give the Heliar a ride through that old wagon too.

Loaded up a roll of Fujifilm Neopan 400 Professional (which I quite like in terms of contrast and tones) into my Leica M4 to compensate for the relatively slow max. aperture (F4.5) of the lens and went out on a rainy sunday. “Unfortunately” the rain stopped as soon as I managed to climb into the wagon and the sun came out to produce some burned highlights in the windows 😦

made in italy

seat 113 (again)

endless train                                   WC                                   compartment


WC self portrait                    used to be a mirror                   endless train


OK, OK! These are the last shots of this wagon. I promise to look for other subjects now 😉

2 Comments on “Wide, Wider, Super Wide-Heliar

  1. Wie ich schon begeistert von mir gegeben habe – geile Serie! Und erzähl nix, von wegen du und 50 mm Typ usw… 😉

  2. HA, danke sehr!
    WER war noch gleich der Typ der meinte meine Ergebnisse seien am besten bei 50mm?? 🙂
    Diese “Person” werde ich wohl bald mal persönlich aufsuchen müssen…

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