Street Sunday

Great! My wife Daniela decided to get herself an Olympus PEN E-PM1 (Mini) this autumn (so maybe I’ll get my E-P2 back then :-)). Of course I’m trying to gently introduce her to some photographic disciplines now. This sunday we went for a walk on Frankfurts “Zeil” to have a coffee and discover something like “soft street-photography”.

But after all she’s a girl: The fun is over as soon as it gets below 18°C outside 😦
I had to drag her into the next Starbucks immediately, but that didn’t stop me from finishing a roll of KODAK Professional Plus-X 125

Right now I think she isn’t going to be a tough street shooter, but she’ll definitely find some subjects that suit her style better.

The Plus-X 125 film I burned in my Olympus OM-4 Ti – while Daniela shot the PEN E-P2 – was the second attempt to test this emulsion. Back in may I completely messed 3 rolls of it with the Leica M4 while trying to guess the shutter speeds in harsh sunlight. Analog greenhorn mistake.

This time I laid the exposure control into the OM-4’s hands and the negatives turned out good. Since I’m always looking for high-contrast b/w films the Plus-X pleases me very well, although it’s more grainy than the Fujifilm Neopan 100 f.e. But I like it so far, it seems to offer a wide exposure latitude – similar to the KODAK Professional Tri-X 400 – and looks definitely more classic and “photojournalistic” than the TMAX series.

begging banker

street thoughts

urban myth

“hm, is he taking my photograph??”

furchtsamgeschäftig                                  tunnel                                                   closed

self pot-rait

two different sides of a sunday

It’s bought! Will store more Plus-X rolls in the fridge and pack some of them for the upcoming trip to berlin…

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