Berlin Calling – Part 1: the digital summary

Last weekend was great! On friday I headed to berlin to meet my friend Enrico and spend some nice days in the capital city, shooting street and talking photographic nonsense while having some beers…

Most of the time I shot the Olympus OM-4 Ti, using my two favorite b/w-emulsions, but I also carried around my Olympus PEN E-P2 as a digital backup. That wasn’t a bad idea since I ran out of film every day around 14:00h (carried 6 rolls in a ROWI Film-Protec container +1 loaded in the camera per day) 😦

After returning to Frankfurt/Main on monday, I dropped 23 rolls at the lab for processing which I will get back tomorrow -> some long nights of scanning ahead! In the meantime I selected and processed some digital shots, so here’s the “digital summary” of the trip.

artistic tourists



wow, did he get her digits?

reading a wall

serious “retro” bike

potsdamer platz reflections

star                                   tourists with map                                   locals


private tour

suitcase with woman

banana-box deckchair

taxi driver

six on a bench

chill out area

frank pays for his shots

touristic snack

positive eating                                   friends                                       garbage can

ms. ricoh

“damn, where’s my purse?”

lisa plenske is alive?

mike & josef

make sure to have enough DSLRs with you!

Yes mama, of course I did some colour-shots too. Look at these:

berlin subway

orange “racer”

BOB the trabbi

beetle III with bodyguard

frank the tourist

DuDu                                      architecture                              rudebox

lambo poser

yellow frame-filler

enrico in the mirror

one place in berlin I had to visit every day

Ooops, a lot of cars here, sorry! Although I like some of the shots, I think/hope my personal mastershots are on film.

6 Comments on “Berlin Calling – Part 1: the digital summary

  1. This is some great — great street shooting — it takes a lot for me to take notice… nice work. Love the richness of the blacks.. Keep going.

  2. thank you very much!
    since I shoot a lot of film these days and fell in love with the awesome contrasts of the KODAK Professional Plus-X 125 and the Fujifilm Neopan 400 Professional, I try to give my digital shots a similar look.

    thats the reason for the rich black.

  3. I am seriously loving your work Patrick. I remember coming across you on flickr when I was shooting with the e-pl2. After three months with a Fuji X100 I’m now preparing to move back to a PEN as my always with me digital.
    As for film I’d go with you on the choice for depths in the shadows. If there is only one thing I remember from photoschool it’s make the blacks black and the whites white.
    Keep up the good work.


  4. Thanks for your feedback Mark.
    I really appreciate this, especially since it comes from a real Pro!

    Very interesting to see you going “back” to a PEN because I also lusted for a X100, but then decided to keep the PEN/MFT as my digital system because of its great versatility, modularity and its performance in relation to size/weight.

    Always loved the results you got with your PEN and the Panasonic LUMIX G 20mm/F1.7 ASPH Pancake, I’m looking forward 😉

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