Berlin Calling – Part 3: shooting film is hard work!

My scanner was glowing in the dark after scanning the last frame of my recent trip to berlin!

Damn, I know that shooting film causes a lot of work compared to digital and I always have fun while scanning my frames and getting them ready for the screen, but after roll no. 10 of this project my motivation began to decrease…

I think it’s still fun getting through 1-2 good rolls an evening and then upload the 5-10 best frames, but the pure bulk of negatives I digitized within the last weeks turned out to be more like a “job” then an actual hobby.

So here are the final frames from day 3 & 4 (sunday & monday) in berlin:

OK, OK, very touristic post-card shot. so it can only get better…

I came across this asian photographer with his Leica M3(?) and the collapsible 50mm Elmar at Alexanderplatz….

…so actually he was the reason I was a little bit late this morning

hard times for the light-meter of my OM-4 Ti

not interested in kissing?

three photographers in the morning, one of them hasn’t had a coffee!

warming up with some random shots

still shooting easy subjects that are prepared to get photographed

this morning, Enrico lent me his 49mm polarizer. so I played around with light and reflections on glass and things like that. kind of useful!

she’s “shooting” portraits in a very analog way

time to move on I’d say, this guy wasn’t amused being photographed

finally, we found a starbucks!

and in there we met this nice looking and totally “applefied” lady. she was definitely a case for the multi-spot-metering system of the OM-4 Ti since her black skin and the harsh backlight squeezed the maximum dynamic range out of the film. fortunately, her face was a little bit brightened by the screen of her MacBook…

despite of the nice people inside the place, I forced my fellows to have the coffee outside since I only had an ISO125 film loaded. too slow for more indoor shots

photographic outlaw Enrico takes photos where he wants to.

looking at my FlickR-set “Berlin Calling“, I have to admit I shot too many platform-photos

maybe nothing special to YOU, but since I always travel by car – there wasn’t a single “on the train” shot in my stream. now there is one 🙂

my exposure counter showed “36” and I wanted to change the roll. this girl with nice shoes helped me to fill the roll. thanks girl!

I’m not exactly sure, but look at the man on the left – isn’t this a Panasonic L1 (aka Leica Digilux3) around his neck?

can’t help myself, he looks like a honest guy that’s going to do his tough job (like scanning negatives or something similar) – even on a sunday

berlin people drive a horrible style, even on the bike


so that’s the berlin-style

as far as I remember, I grabbed the wrong lens out of my bag (was searching for the ZUIKO 50mm/F1.4 but since the 85mm/F2.0 isn’t anything bigger, I didn’t notice my mistake until I had mounted the glass) but it was at least good for a self-portrait in a traffic-mirror

reserved parking area, obviously

a bike, with a flat tire, at a backyard, in berlin

while we moved on towards the colourful “eastside gallery”, I switched to a KODAK Ektar100 colour negative film but the shots didn’t turn out the way I expected. maybe I’ll post some of them in my stream within the next days. so let’s stay b/w so far…

can anyone explain this thing to me? we saw hundreds of girls carrying around DSLRs in all flavours! what happened to all those tiny pink Casio point’n’shoot cameras??

they were going CRAZY just to write their names on the wall (which is surely going to be repainted once a year)

those photographic softies were afraid to cross the road during red light. look at me guys, I’m the real outlaw!

liked his hat, so I took this shot “from the hip”

I almost missed our train while I was multi-spot-metering this scene highly concentrated to get a proper exposure, despite of the backlight

whats the news?

we had lunch at an italian restaurant and did some “camera porn” while waiting for the dessert

I’m not a biker but I have to admit there is something interesting about those pure and clean fixed-gear/single-speed bicycles

back to the streets

a frame I was about to delete – but I like the way (the half of) her face seems to be the only sharp area in this image

at least the boy noticed me and gave me EYE CONTACT – 1 street-photography bonus-point for me please! 🙂

hm, not the most streetish shot of the series, OK

seems like another unconventional drag race on berlins streets

ticketing-practice on sunday

again, the man with the hat and the SIGMA cameras

loaded my last roll of that day here

and filled it with some more or less interesting street-photos

I got caught 🙂

they were having great fun taking pictures of theirselves

again, tourists with maps and p&s-cameras – everywhere you look

no, we don’t know this guy. and we don’t even want to, since he was shooting buildings only 🙂

want to buy an “original” russian hat from an Indian?

Finished my last roll for sunday here, so I grabbed my PEN and shot digital for the rest of the day.

After three days of shooting and nearly 20 burned rolls of film, my OM-4 Ti was done with her job and slipped back into her compartment case s to relax. While the PEN did the digital work an saturday- and sunday-afternoon, I decided to give the Leica M4 a ride on the last day (monday):

first off, I got my car cleaned – had a long and rainy journey on Friday

while Enrico had to go for work, I called Frank to meet up with him (but I kept shooting while on the phone)

haven’t ever seen such a classic photo booth before (maybe I’m too young)

we decided to visit the abandoned airport Tempelhof but unfortunately there weren’t that much great subjects to shoot…

…and instead of capturing some awesome images we walked another fucking kilometers through the whole airfield to get back to the car.

on this hurting feet, again 😦

kind of boring place from a photographic point of view, there wasn’t much going on

trying to “street up” the airfield a little bit

back in the city we went straight to the next starbucks (what else?) and waited for Enrico to join us

I watched this girls, producing their own soap. they seemed to have a lot of fun in there

sometimes starbucks branches look like computer-stores or internet c@fés…

…or at least like a phone-shop with a small coffee-corner

this doesn’t look like an interesting conversation (at least for her)

security grandpa
“security” guard in front of a closed store

and it ended where it all began: we met Enrico at the station Friedrichstr. to have one last beer together before I started the engine to ride back to Frankfurt/Main.

3 Comments on “Berlin Calling – Part 3: shooting film is hard work!

  1. I’m liking the ones from the coffee shop near the end, plus the two through window / reflection shots. Looks like you had a good time and burnt up some shoe leather along with all that film.
    I’m fearing the call of the scanner now I have some medium format work back on the table.
    Kind of makes we want to visit Berlin seeing all your work on here, hmmmmm.

  2. Thanks Mark,

    I’m happy I took the Leica on that last day because the rangefinder camera handled the slow shutter speeds (1/30 & 1/15) inside the coffee shop very well and enabled me to get close & take multiple shots due to its silent shutter.

    That bad “call of the scanner” feeling is very similar to a workout: You don’t want to start and always look for excuses not to do it but it has to be done and as soon as you’ve finished a session you feel great (as long as the images you scanned look satisfying on the screen).

    Berlin is definitely worth a trip!

  3. Really enjoyed that series, The train station and coffee shop stand out for me here, wonderful work. I am looking forward to working my way through the rest of your blog.

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