Project (kind of) 2012: gas station

122.222 km
Do you still remember your new year’s resolutions from december? Still on track with them? Did you have some at all?

The only resolution I was thinking about (besides that of my next digital camera), was some kind of a photographic project for 2012. Some of the photographers I know, imposed themselves projects like 365(366)’s, 52’s, A-Z’s, film-, subject- or even colour-related projects or something like that for 2012 and I think most of this stuff is good to keep the own creativity and frequency flowing. Good idea.

I even had really tough stuff like “film only” in mind, but since I know myself better, I was quite sure not to endure such limitations a whole year. There’s just too much interesting new digital gear coming within the next months (yes Mark, I’m guilty of being a GASbag, sometimes). Furthermore, I’m still kind of new to photography at all. So if I come across a new (to me) technique, subject or theme I want to try out, I don’t want to be limited in any way or be forced to break the rules of my own project.

So I was looking for a personal photographic project which doesn’t force me (a lazy wannabe photo-enthusiast) to go out and shoot something on a daily basis or tie me to a specific technique or medium, but still gives me a little bit of schedule to accomplish.

Found no spectacular or uber-creative topic, but while I was archiving my negatives from 2010/2011, fortunately got slightly inspired by the very first shot I took with my Olympus OM-4 Ti right after picking it up near Koblenz:

refueling for the way home“refueling for the way home” (27.11.2010)

It’s neither the most artistic shot, nor is this the most creative topic for a photographic project, but considering my confirmed laziness, it’s definitely the best compromise I could find: gas station 2012

It fits my habits perfectly since I travel a lot by car and always have a camera with me. So the “task” will be to take one more or less interesting shot within the 2-4 minutes the pump needs to fill the tank of my car. No matter what kind of camera or lens I have with me (digital, film, smartphone or whatever), no matter what time, date or weather it is and no matter what or who’s the subject – as long as the shot is taken at or near a gas station within the duration of the refueling process. I hope to collect some interesting shots from all over germany within the next 10-11 months. Of course most of the shots could look like this (from january 2011)…

on the run“on the run” (31.01.2011)

…but the creative challenge of the project is to find new views and different angles, subjects and details in those places. Let’s start with my first attempts from 2012:

an apple in the rearview mirroran apple in the rearview mirror

Düsseldorf Airport (no it isn't kerosine)Düsseldorf Airport (no it isn’t kerosine)

So stay tuned, my fuel gauge is going to hit the “E” position within the next few days…!

123.541 km123.541 km

 124.214 km124.214 km

126.372 km126.372 km

would you please buy me a snack? (126.900 km)126.900 km

4 Comments on “Project (kind of) 2012: gas station

  1. 🙂
    Hey we’ve all been through a GASy period in our lives.
    Good call for a personal project though, one of the most important factors of taking one on is that it is indeed “personal” to the photographer. t doesn’t have to be the most groundbreakingly epic themed project in the world, just something that the individual can relate to and create a body of work around.
    Good luck with it and let me guess either the Fuji Pro X-1 thing, the Olympus OM-D and/or the rumoured Leica mirrorless interchangeable lens. Close? 🙂

  2. Thanks Mark!
    You caught me: I was into the Fujifilm X-Pro1 until Olympus came out with this sexy OM-D series. Although I really like the rangefinder look of the Fuji, my love for the traditional OM cameras pushes me towards the E-M5. My MFT lens selection is just too complete and “premium” to immediately switch systems just because a sexy body from Fuji comes along 😉
    My E-P3 already went on eBay, now it’s film-period until april….

  3. Hey, great photoblog! I discovered you through the Flickr Reflecta Proscan 7200 group. I’m also a OM shooter (and Olympus 4/3) and lately have been going crazy trying to decide which film scanner to buy. I can’t decide if I should go with some old Minolta Dimage scanner or buy Reflecta Proscan 7200. I take that you use Proscan to digitize all your OM film images? Are you happy about the sharpness and detail you get (as Reflecta does not have lens AF).

  4. Hey Markus, thanks for your comment.

    You’re right, I used to use a Reflecta ProScan 7200 to scan my film (until I was able to “upgrade” to a Nikon Coolscan V ED in late 2011). I was very satisfied with the ProScans results and didn’t miss an autofocus feature at any time. Sharpness and details/resolution are absolutely fine (I did perfect prints up to 20x30cm from some scans) and the machine is blazing fast (but loud)! Even the Coolscan V isn’t that much better and after all I’m not sure my upgrade was worth the extra money. Just make sure to use SilverFast Ai-Studio (or something similar) instead of the crappy “CyberView X” software that comes with the Reflecta! BTW: all the film shots from 2011 posted in this blog (and of course the ones you found in the ProScan 7200 group) are scanned with the ProScan, I didn’t upload much film stuff since I got the Coolscan.

    The Minolta DImage scanners are serious machines and deliver great results (even slightly better than the Reflectas), but keep in mind you’ll always get an (great, professional grade) “old” device – second hand will be the freshest and most expensive copies you’ll find – without warranty or any manufacturer support at all. It might work perfectly for many years, but it might – even maybe – not 😉

    So check your preferences!

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