X-Pro1 HighISO RAW in Lightroom 4.2 | Detail

X-Pro1 HighISO RAW in Lightroom 4.2 | Detail

I’m not a PixelPeeper. seriously not. But even I noticed the amount of “watercolouring” in some X-Pro shots containing very fine details, when processing them in Lightroom 4.

I achieved the best results in terms of details and sharpness with the SilkyPix software that came with the X-Pro, but wasn’t satisfied with a “2-app-workflow” consisting of SilkyPix (->16bit Tiff->) and Lightroom. This becomes a pain in the arse as soon as you have to edit more than 3 images per session.

So like most of us X-Trans users, I was waiting/hoping for Adobe to improve the support for our beloved .RAF files in LR 4.2…

Officially, there was nothing changed in the updated demosaicing/processing engine. They just added the new Fujifilm X-E1 to the list of supported cameras. so actually, I was expecting to see the “same shit” even on new RAWs in the latest version of Lightroom.

But I gave it another try, and took a shot of my sleeping pug and his very fine detailed coat for a single PixelPeeping-session.

Even though they changed nothing (or at least claimed they haven’t), I’m quite happy right now with the results I get out of LR 4.2 when processing and handling X-Pro.RAFs just like “normal” RAW files.

Have a look at the above ISO1600 shot (yeah it was really dark in the living room @21:46h, maybe I’ll take some lowISO samples on the weekend) processed with LR’s standard sharpening and noise reduction settings. No secret handshake or magic code applied.

I can live with that…

6 Comments on “X-Pro1 HighISO RAW in Lightroom 4.2 | Detail

  1. Patrick-

    Great photo. What sharpening settings are you using Lightroom? Thanks!

    • Hey Alex,

      thanks for your comment!

      Afaik, I used the standard sharpening of LR – something around “25” I think – thats why I’m so happy with the results right now…

      But I will look up those settings in LR for you, as soon as I’ve set up my PC in the new house we’re moving into this weekend. Will get back to you then!



    • hey Alex, thanks for your patience.
      sorry for the late response but my PC was offline for a few weeks more than planned due to cable-/network-issues.
      I checked the sharpening settings for you (and Bas Thijsen), they are pretty moderate:


  2. Bravo! Sorry for my bad english. I’m also an X-pro user, but a rookie. Your photo and fascinating colour impressed me while browsing on flickr, then I came to here. It’ll be so kind if you would like to share some skills that adjusting colour in LR which bring on similar effet as yours (like PHOTOKINA 2012 and the lovely pug). Thanks!

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