bokehlicious weekend

Last week was a very successful GAS-week (gear acquisition syndrome) for me!

Since I jumped into film photography with my first Olympus OM-4 Ti at the end of last year, I’ve always been lusting for some special lenses that are rare to find (at least in “like new” condition). One of those high-grade lenses was definitely the ZUIKO 50mm/F1.2!

Although I already owned one of the latest copies (>#1.100.000) of the ZUIKO 50mm/F1.4, there is still something special about the F1.2 – at least there MUST have been something special, judging by the price difference between the two lenses when they were sold by Olympus in the late 1980’s.

That’s why I kept watching eBay & Co. the whole year, and finally won a NEW 50mm/F1.2 last week…

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Berlin Calling – Part 2: the truth is analog

Summing up the digital shots of my berlin trip was quite an easy job compared to the work 23 rolls of film cause. To get this task done without ruining my marriage (scanning takes a lot of time), I divided the negatives into two blocks. Yesterday I finished digitizing the rolls of Friday (22.07.) and Saturday (23.07.)…

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Abandoned Facility

Yesterday I had a few minutes to kill before picking up my wife in the city. Fortunately, I came across this abandoned facility in Frankfurt-Praunheim and had my PEN with me…

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Berlin Calling – Part 1: the digital summary

Last weekend was great! On friday I headed to berlin to meet my friend Enrico and spend some nice days in the capital city, shooting street and talking photographic nonsense while having some beers…

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Street Sunday

Great! My wife Daniela decided to get herself an Olympus PEN E-PM1 (Mini) this autumn (so maybe I’ll get my E-P2 back then :-)). Of course I’m trying to gently introduce her to some photographic disciplines now. This sunday we went for a walk on Frankfurts “Zeil” to have a coffee and discover something like “soft street-photography”.

But after all she’s a girl: The fun is over as soon as it gets below 18°C outside 😦
I had to drag her into the next Starbucks immediately, but that didn’t stop me from finishing a roll of KODAK Professional Plus-X 125

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Wide, Wider, Super Wide-Heliar

When I started into photography back in 2010, I had a cheap (kit-)zoom lens with an equiv. 28-84mm zoom range on my camera. I zoomed the crap out of the small M.ZUIKO 14-42mm/F3.5-5.6 and noticed that I rarely used the “short end” of it. When I switched to prime lenses, my results were best with the 40 & 50mm, but I didn’t even get that classic “35mm-reportage-wide-angle-thing” at all. So I thought I might just not be that typical wide-angle guy.

However in february ’11 I was brave enough to buy a ZUIKO 24mm/F2.0 and forced myself to use it as the only lens for about one week – with great success so far! I fell in love with the wider field of view and the extreme perspectives you can achieve with those lenses in given situations.

So when my friend Enrico offered me to have some wide-angle-fun with his Voigtländer Super Wide-Heliar 15mm/F4.5 ASPH, I grabbed the opportunity…

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Today the lab called me! Finally, I got the two cross processed rolls of Ektachrome back and was very… sobered 😦

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thwarted by the lab

at least I got some TMAX400 negatives developed yesterday

Last weekend I tried something new (to me), I shot two rolls of slide film (KODAK Professional Ektachrome 100Plus & E100VS) and gave them to my local lab for a standard C41-development…

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Reportage: Emergency Room Waldbröl

Great weather on this long weekend, so why not visit mom? Yesterday we left Frankfurt/Main to spend a nice, sunny day with her at the countryside.

Perfect opportunity for me because I bought some rolls of Ilford PAN F Plus 50 last week and was looking forward to shoot the ZUIKO 24mm/F2.0 on my Olympus OM-4 Ti wide open.

I loaded up the first roll into the camera and gave the digital PEN E-P2 to my wife before we went out for a walk. Unfortunately I didn’t get towards frame #15 until something bad happened…

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Tri-X’ing around

Because of the public-holiday tomorrow, this wednesday felt like a virtually friday and so I had time to scan some film.

This time I started with a roll of KODAK Professional Tri-X 400 which I shot on the street last thursday. I’ve heard a lot of great stories about this film and even a photojournalist I met a few months ago, told me that Tri-X was his best-buddy for more than twenty years. With the right development techniques, he was able to achieve some printable results of shots he thought he had completely messed up due to the strange lighting situations in some of frankfurts 1970’s bank-buildings.

That made me curious…

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