Berlin Calling – Part 3: shooting film is hard work!

My scanner was glowing in the dark after scanning the last frame of my recent trip to berlin!

Damn, I know that shooting film causes a lot of work compared to digital and I always have fun while scanning my frames and getting them ready for the screen, but after roll no. 10 of this project my motivation began to decrease…

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bokehlicious weekend

Last week was a very successful GAS-week (gear acquisition syndrome) for me!

Since I jumped into film photography with my first Olympus OM-4 Ti at the end of last year, I’ve always been lusting for some special lenses that are rare to find (at least in “like new” condition). One of those high-grade lenses was definitely the ZUIKO 50mm/F1.2!

Although I already owned one of the latest copies (>#1.100.000) of the ZUIKO 50mm/F1.4, there is still something special about the F1.2 – at least there MUST have been something special, judging by the price difference between the two lenses when they were sold by Olympus in the late 1980’s.

That’s why I kept watching eBay & Co. the whole year, and finally won a NEW 50mm/F1.2 last week…

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Berlin Calling – Part 2: the truth is analog

Summing up the digital shots of my berlin trip was quite an easy job compared to the work 23 rolls of film cause. To get this task done without ruining my marriage (scanning takes a lot of time), I divided the negatives into two blocks. Yesterday I finished digitizing the rolls of Friday (22.07.) and Saturday (23.07.)…

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