How to shoot film… without using film

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In 2011, I shot nearly 70 rolls of film. I love film. And I really love my Olympus OM-cameras and their fine ZUIKO primes.

I also love the unique look of film and the classic DOF-control of the 135-format (with those great fast lenses from the film era). But I don’t love the amount of time, film-photography eats up. Actually, I just don’t have enough spare time anymore to shoot film on a daily basis. Unfortunately 😦

Of course, I could just grab my Fujifilm X-Pro1 and enjoy the benefits of digital photography – but in spite of the Fuji’s serious retro-feeling, there’s always something missing for me. So I was looking for something between the ultrahigh-resolution-EverythingByWire-digital-world, and the charming slow, manual, organic and often imperfect world of film-photography.

And since there isn’t a digital back for my OM-cameras, here’s the compromise I found for me…

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