Thank you, Olympus-Service! Good-bye PEN No. 548!

PEN No. 548

A few weeks ago, I bought an Olympus FL-300 R flash which – unfortunately – didn’t work when mounted to my PEN E-P3’s hotshoe. However in RC mode the unit worked fine and even on other PEN’s hothoes the flash behaved properly.

Actually, that didn’t bother me much since I bought the flash for off-camera lighting only. But when you spend some €’s on a brand new camera like the E-P3 and it seems to be the only camera the new flash doesn’t work with, you start to think twice. At least I did.

I posted this scenario on a german Olympus forum to see if other customers expected similar problems with their PENs/flashes, but based on this posting, I got contacted by the Olympus-Service Hamburg…

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