bokehlicious weekend

Last week was a very successful GAS-week (gear acquisition syndrome) for me!

Since I jumped into film photography with my first Olympus OM-4 Ti at the end of last year, I’ve always been lusting for some special lenses that are rare to find (at least in “like new” condition). One of those high-grade lenses was definitely the ZUIKO 50mm/F1.2!

Although I already owned one of the latest copies (>#1.100.000) of the ZUIKO 50mm/F1.4, there is still something special about the F1.2 – at least there MUST have been something special, judging by the price difference between the two lenses when they were sold by Olympus in the late 1980’s.

That’s why I kept watching eBay & Co. the whole year, and finally won a NEW 50mm/F1.2 last week…

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