Fujifilm X100S – “the pocket-XPro”

Type S

Never wanted to write one of these “it’s been a little quiet here” posts, but it actually¬†was a little quiet here ūüė¶

2013 has been busy so far, since I started to earn some money with my photography besides my main job as a sales manager. My respect goes to all those brave freelancers and full-time professionals out there, I just dipped my toe into the pro-water and am soooo glad to have that financial backing of my main job. Furthermore its kind of nice to switch to “non-photographic” thoughts¬†now and then.

By the way, that’s why I also have some changes/updates regarding this website on my agenda – but filed this under “Priority: C” at the moment…

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Photokina 2012

the Fuji-Taxi

Yes, I’ve been to the Photokina 2012 fair. And I had a camera with me…

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How to shoot film… without using film

afterwork chat
In 2011, I shot nearly 70 rolls of film. I love film. And I really love my Olympus OM-cameras and their fine ZUIKO primes.

I also love the unique look of film and the classic DOF-control¬†of the 135-format (with those great fast lenses from the film era). But I don’t¬†love the amount of time, film-photography eats up. Actually, I just don’t have enough spare time anymore to shoot film on a daily basis. Unfortunately ūüė¶

Of course, I could just grab my Fujifilm¬†X-Pro1¬†and enjoy the benefits of digital photography –¬†but in spite¬†of the Fuji’s¬†serious¬†retro-feeling,¬†there’s always something¬†missing for me. So I was looking for something between the ultrahigh-resolution-EverythingByWire-digital-world, and the charming slow, manual, organic¬†and often imperfect¬†world of film-photography.

And since there isn’t a digital back for my OM-cameras, here’s the compromise I found for me…

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First day on the street with the Fujifilm X-Pro1

Don’t worry, I’m not going to write a pseudo-review about this camera (there are tons of that stuff on the web), and I’ll neither bore you with my personal “first impressions”¬†or something like that (not yet).

I just shot some test-frames on the streets of Frankfurt/Main today and would like to share them. I¬†hadn’t planned to shoot this special event, but as soon as I stepped¬†out of the parking garage, I found myself in the middle of an anti-capitalism protest.

It’s like Frank Jackson said: “sometimes I happen to photography, and sometimes photography happens to me…”

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Berlin Calling – Part 3: shooting film is hard work!

My scanner was glowing in the dark after scanning the last frame of my recent trip to berlin!

Damn, I¬†know that shooting film causes a lot of work compared to digital and I always have fun while scanning my frames and getting¬†them ready for the screen, but after roll no. 10 of this project¬†my motivation began to decrease…

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Berlin Calling – Part 2: the truth is analog

Summing¬†up the digital shots of my berlin trip was quite an easy job compared to the work 23 rolls of film cause. To get this task done without¬†ruining my¬†marriage (scanning takes a lot of time), I¬†divided the negatives into two blocks. Yesterday I finished digitizing the rolls of Friday (22.07.) and Saturday (23.07.)…

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Berlin Calling – Part 1: the digital summary

Last weekend was great! On friday I headed to berlin to meet my friend Enrico and spend some¬†nice days in¬†the capital city, shooting street and talking photographic nonsense while having some beers…

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